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Wire basket spools


Material: coppered or uncoppered drawn steel wire
For details see material data sheet
Capacity welding wire: 100 kg
Winding volume: 18.296 cm3
Suitable both for high precision and random winding
Upon request, it can be provided painted in different colours 

All the stated dimensions, loads and weights are approximative values.
Usual tolerances for the sector and customers remain reserved.
Possibility to customize the wire basket spool.
For the quality and features of the materials, see the specific data sheet.
Transportation and storage must be carried out in dry environments.
Before the use, let the goods acclimate at a temperature of 15°.
Handle avoiding collisions and/or falls. 

Data sheet



Full Mega Truck
pz/pallet = 24
n. pallet = 54
Tot. pcs = 1296
Pallet AxBxC = 146x80x146H
Full Standard Truck
pz/pallet = 44
n. pallet = 27
Tot. pcs = 1188
Pallet AxBxC = 146x80x225H
Full Container 20' Box
pz/pallet = 40
n. pallet = 11
Tot. pcs = 440
Pallet AxBxC = 146x80x219H
Full Container 40' Box
pz/pallet = 40
n. pallet = 23
Tot. pcs = 920
Pallet AxBxC = 146x80x219H
Full Container 40' HC
pz/pallet = 44
n. pallet = 23
Tot. pcs = 1012
Pallet AxBxC = 146x80x225H

Packaging notes

In order to guarantee the stability of the products during the transport, for long distances, we recommend to load a full truck/container.
In case of partial loads, secure the pallets carefully.
Upon request, there is the possibility to plan a full load of mixed products.
Upon request, there is the possibility to customize the pallet.
We suggest to manage our pallets in warehouse according to the FIFO method. 

Download product sheet
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